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We provide our container handling services primarily through our QQCT, QQCTU and QQCTN at the Qianwan Port Area where we operate 22 dedicated container berths capable of docking the world’s largest container ship with a loading capacity of 21,000 TEUs. Please see “Our History, Reorganization and Corporate Structure” for more information on QQCT and QQCTU. We also provide some of container handling services at our Dagang Port Area and through joint ventures at the Port of Weiha. Customers of our container handling services are predominantly shipping companies engaged in foreign trade and domestic trade.

We also serve as a container transshipment hub for ports in the Bohai Rim Region, along the Yangtze River, as well as in Japan and South Korea. Container transshipment refers to containers being unloaded from one vessel and reloaded onto another vessel at our facilities, for transportation to another port. For the years ended December 31, 2011, 2012 and 2013, our transshipment container throughput was 879,000 TEUs, 1.5 million TEUs and 2.0 million TEUs, respectively. We believe that our transshipment service helps to increase our container throughput and customer demand for value-added services while expanding our hinterland and regional port network. We intend to continue to grow our transshipment business, facilitated by the development of our ancillary and extended services such as modern logistics services and trade facilitation services.
In addition to stevedoring services, we provide assorted port services for containers, including short-term storage, vanning and de-vanning, and container repair services. We also offer specialized storage services for containers with non-standard goods, such as frozen goods and hazardous substances.


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